3 Looks for the Best Brunch Picture

Spring time is here girls and it’s time to look our best. From showing skin in our favorite maxi to pinning down the best clutch and jacket for the night out fun, we are always on the hunt for something to keep us feeling fresh, fun, flirty and fab. We spend hours in the mall or online hunting down the best makeup for our skin and to advert that, we’ve created products that are just for us. Shop them here. Spring time also means it’s time to brunch and since we have our favorite brunch spots or are ready to try something new, let’s be sure to look incredibly gorgeous while we snap pics for the Gram and specifically while we inhale the best shrimp and grits in town.

Makeup takes you from just rolled out of bed to the newest chic look in a matter of minutes. Imagine how much better you feel when you’re in sweats and sneaks and also makeup. Now your lounge outfit goes from frumpy to purposeful. When headed out to brunch or any fun food spot, take M.Keva along so you don’t miss a step with your appearance.

Our glosses highlight and compliment our skin tones and here are three looks for brunch so that you can be confident, engaging, exciting and especially


    • The soft and chic look: Although soft in color, it’s definitely a statement to be perfectly natural and have a simplistic beauty. Even being simple sometimes makes a bold statement that you have arrived and that you are here to slay. Try our lip gloss in the natural and nude shades here.
    • The muted glam, bold lip: The classic red lip and wing tipped eyeliner always dominates every celebrity gossip magazine. It isn’t going anywhere, but the way to switch that up is to go with hot pinks and even dark colors like navy and burgundy. For brunches, we suggest our stains and matte lip shades so you can stay glamorous even while you chow down. Shop our bold reds in matte here.
    • The high glam look: Sometimes for brunch we like to be relaxed and calm with our look. But there are some girls who can’t put the mascara wands down. For you ladies, we have the shades that go with every eye shadow. Stay within the pink family as pink on brown skin tones warms up our hues. See our pink shades here. 

Our skin glows when hit just right by the sun. While spring is here, we hope you take time to enjoy all that the sun has to offer while keeping your skin safe too. Moisturize your face, including your lips before applying makeup to reduce your face drying out. For oilier skin types, use a moisturizer on your face that takes down the shine even before you apply your first swipe of foundation. Lip love is crucial so a great lip balm is great underneath our lip glosses and all lip shades. Shop our entire collection of cosmetics, including our lip shades, here.

We know that brunch is a special and fun time for girlfriends and guy friends also. Grab your besties and get out there and enjoy your city. Have any suggestions for looks you want to shop but can’t find here? Comment below or email us and tell us your thoughts. We know you’ll stand out in M.Keva Collection so be sure to hashtag #boldyyou and at us @mkevacollection in all your brunch selfies! Have fun ladies! Check out the blogs below for extra research and other tips as well.




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