4 Things to Wear for the Perfect Date Night Look

Along with our perfect makeup looks, we all need that perfect little something to put together to make our date nights that much more special. We’ve come up with four of our favorite looks that have left us with the best compliments, comfortability and the confidence we need to leave the poor guy wanting more. None of the looks below are guaranteed by M.Keva. They are only used for representation of the look. We can’t verify the quality, availability or pricing on any of the links below. Please check the reviews and do your own research on the shop before making a purchase.

Here are the four best outfits we love to wear for date nights. Check these out and if you take our advice, be sure to tag us on your instagram when you get a pic using #boldlyyou @mkevacollection:

Black or White Casual Blazer with Black Leather Shorts:

This look is sure to come off as a woman who is well put together, professional and also a little bit edgy. Wear this look to the movies, restaurants, concerts or any other indoor date. This look also pairs nicely with a wing tipped eye and the perfect shade of red lip. Purchase ours here.

Floral Jumpsuit:

This outfit is so fun a flirty you may want to wait for the second or third date to wear this option. It’s perfect for date nights in, festivals, and ice cream dates too. Since it’s super flirty, make sure your makeup backs up your pretty. Keep your it fresh with our signature lip lacquers here.

Classic Jeans and Off the Shoulder Feminine Top:

This look is an everyday look for everyone here at M.Keva. It does well in the workplace if you have a casual work environment and also looks amazing at night when paired with heels and extra highlight on the cheeks. We have a super cute nude lip that we like to see with this as well and you can grab it here.

Casual Body Con Cotton Dress:

This dress goes with any date night adventure, except horseback riding. If you’re unsure of where your lover may be taking you, through this on to be prepared for anything. The dress is super comfy and when paired with a cute sandal or bootie, it becomes the best date night look there is. We hear the guys love this look too! Try our lipglosses to store in your clutch to make sure your lips are kissable all night with this dress. Buy our gloss here.

Let us know some of your favorite date night looks and some that just didn’t work for you. Leave your comment below and be sure to follow us on Instagram for updates, sales and giveaways! M.Keva delivers style so you can be BOLDLY YOU.

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