3 Ways to Have Professional Boldness

Most jobs require certain dress codes or they even have built in expectations with the profession. It’s rare that an attorney would wear jeans to court or even a teacher with a full suit in the classroom. Every profession is different but when we want to stand out, when we want to command the room and when we want to be seen as someone with good fashion sense, we need to dress the part, no matter the profession. Makeup and hair play a major part in your appearance and the outfit comes in a close second. To remain fashionable in all professions, we have to remember to exude confidence and poise for sure. But here are a few examples in fashion that will help you stand out in the right way and get the jealous looks that we all covet. 

Staple all white, tailored suit: In every woman’s wardrobe there are certain staples that can take us to any place. This is one of those collective pieces that makes an incredible impression but that will also last as long as you can fit the size. Wear this staple with nude shoes or a bright colored shoe for a bold evening impression. 

Wide-Leg, High waist pant and soft alluring top: These two pieces paired together make the feminine and beautiful statement that will make the perfect impression on your colleagues but also your boss. Wear this with a blazer or without the blazer when on a lunch break. This can also be paired with a high pump for a night out. It’s transitional but most importantly it’s work appropriate for any career.

The soft smokey eye for the office with a nude lip: Some may say that a smokey eye is only for night but when done softly or with certain professions, we think the smokey eye can be appropriate for the workplace. The lip being nude adds just enough softness to the face and the smokey eye gives just enough boldness without being overdone. You will stand out, don’t get us wrong on that, but the way you will stand out will be alongside compliments and questions on where you’re headed after work. This definitely goes from work to date night so go crazy with the setting spray as well as a good primer and eye shadow base. 

Let us know what you think of the looks above for work that will help you make the right impressions. We know these pieces can be effective for any workplace but use discretion when deciding what is a good fit for where. We know that every girl can’t dress up too much for work but we also know that most of us want to jazz it up every now and then and make a point of being proud of our femininity. Have fun girls and be Boldly You!

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