3 Makeup and Hair Looks to Keep you Cool in the Summertime Heat

Ladies, we know it’s hot. As most of us are in the deep south and well into our summertime heat spells, we know it can be so hard to stay with a makeup routine. It gets especially hard when improper application can lead to the makeup literally melting off of your face. These looks below can save you the time and the trouble of wondering what will look good in the midst of the heat and keep you from dismissing a cute routine altogether. Try these three looks and stay cool and cute even when the weather is unrelenting. 

The curly hair and and golden eye look: This look is so fun and it looks put together even thought the hair is almost always curled and then pulled a part. If you have naturally curly hair, this look is awesome for you. For those of us who straighten our hair, we’ll have to curl our hair and tease or pull the curls a part to achieve this look. It keeps the hair off of your neck which should help you stay cool but also keeps the danger of messing up a good style at bay. It’s easy and little maintenance. The pop of gold on the eye sets you up for an etherial look that shows up great on pictures. Don’t forget to hashtag #boldlyyou when you post this look to Instagram! We wanna see!

Braids and a smokey eye: As black women, braids are simply our tradition. It’s hard to get through an entire summer without even considering braids or even locs for the hottest months of the year. When you pair this with a smokey eye, the effect it will have on your face makes you appear younger and your skin smoother. The braids are pulling the hair off of your neck where we get the hottest first and the smoked out eye is super sexy helping you stay fresh for those humid nights. 

Dewey skin and hair pulled back: Dewey skin can seem hard to achieve for black women skin tones but we think highlighting the tops of the cheeks with your favorite highlighter and going a little heavy on the concealer under the eye to flatten the puffiness, combined with the a dewey setting spray, should get our brown skin tones just enough juice to appear dewey without looking sweaty. Pull the hair out of your face to put emphasis on your flawless skin and you’ve got the look.

Stay cool this summer and send us your favorite ways to stay cool even when it’s sweltering out. Makeup doesn’t have to get overlooked when it’s warm. We suggest staying inside to shop online for your favorite cosmetics and hair. You can check out our favorite shop here and get a shade and a bundle you can’t live without. 


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