founder & ceo

Markevia is a loving mother of 3 and wife who can’t stop there. The entrepreneur has launched her cosmetics and hair line and has the know how and business savvy to take it to the next level. The retail boutique for the M.Keva Collection is coming in the Fall of 2018. 

Markevia has earned her Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences and Therapeutic Studies as well as a Master of Occupational Therapy from Tennessee State University. The graduate and entrepreneur lives in Jacksonville, Florida where her boutique will make it’s debut. Makeup and hair is a natural and fun transition from the sciences into the product launches she has planned for M.Keva. 

Her philosophy is “your outward appearance is the first thing anyone notices about you. I want to be a small part of why people fall in love with you. I chose to start the line now because I’m able to devote the time required in order to succeed. My family is complete and I’m in a space where I’m able to balance my family and career life. I never had a chance to dream this big, meaning I only looked to get my degree but never expected to become my own boss. Now that I’m here, there’s no looking back. I’m so excited to help people come into their own and really go after their dreams by achieving the looks that will help them get there!"

markevia mincey

M.Keva Collection was created in 2017 by Markevia Mincey with the vision of providing premier hair extensions and cosmetics at an affordable price without cutting the quality of the products. Our goal is to ensure our customers look and feel beautiful by becoming a premier cosmetics line in the US. We believe in enhancing who you already are with cosmetics and hair that accentuate the beauty you already posses. M. Keva ensures that you are…
Boldly You.